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Belinda Daugherty, owner and guide, knows this land, the horses, and loves them both.  She will take you on a ride you will never forget.  Her years of experience at fast-paced, adventure riding in this spectacular landscape make for stupendous, yet safe riding.  She paces the rides to be safe for riders and horses alike, building up riders’ stamina through long fast trots over this demanding country, to runs and gallops that are guaranteed to take your breath away.  Belinda has a large clientele of return riders, many of whom have been returning for 10-15 years.  They have been entranced by the landscape and astonished by the horses.  They have found, out for themselves that once you’ve ridden with Renegade Rides, there is just nothing, anywhere, that can beat this authentic old west experience.  The many return guests, who come back year after year, will testify to that.   There are guest ranches and there are dude ranches.  There is only one “Renegade Rides”.  Experience it.

My first memory of being on a horse;  I was three years old, I remember being on a palomino and I remember giant tumble weeds in the desert, near El Paso Texas. As long as I can remember, I’ve always been horse crazy (and I have always loved chili peppers), to this day.  I was blessed to have supportive parents.  My Dad was in the Air Force. Luckily, everywhere he was stationed, had great base stables.  Some of those stables had great mentors for a kid like me.  I loved entering horse shows, especially the timed events.  Barrel racing and pole bending were my favorites.   I rode bareback all the time. I loved any excuse for a fast ride!

Over the years I’ve shown western and english.  I also love to pack up into the mountains and climb the highest peak I can find. I was in 4-H all through school, with my horse.

I worked in the oilfields in the eighty’s.  I was also married with one son, Stephen. They sold my ‘field’ and laid off.  I found a job as a wrangler, for Great Divide Tours, of Lander Wyoming. My time at Great Divide was some of the best times ever. “Ray” had some great, fast, horses and our rides were fast!  I was hooked.  Five years later, I was able to start my own ride business, Renegade Rides.  I miss the oilfield money, but I have never regretted getting into the ‘ride ‘business.  My other interests are painting and I am a volunteer EMT on our local ambulance.

I have been taking good riders on great, Renegade Rides since 1997.  My specialty is giving experienced riders the ‘ride of their lives’. These rides are not for your average ‘dude’.  If you love to ride, have an adventurous spirit and are not afraid to ride with a loose rein, you will love it here.  We don’t pamper our guests.  Riders saddle their mounts each morning and are encouraged to help with other chores as needed.  

I have seven rides from mid May to the end July.  They each have a different theme, but all include days of accelerated riding in a variety of terrain, from open hilly sagebrush covered badlands, to giant red cliffs and deep limestone canyons.  The views are unsurpassed and the wildlife abundant.  Expect to see deer, antelope, coyotes, eagles and sage grouse.  Riders work with local ranchers, gentling colts, moving cattle, or attending rodeos and endurance rides.  The rides are based out of my house.  The last ride in July will have 4 nights camping and take us into the Cloud Peak Wilderness!

If you love to ride and love the wild west, you will not be disappointed!  Grab your hat and head for Renegade.  Yee Haa…..Happy Trails,  Belinda Daugherty