Bring Your Own Horse/ Day Rides

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Are you looking for some great, scenic  trails to ride with your own horse?  Come on out, join us for a day or the whole week.  Stay with us or lodge nearby.  We can be flexible, with meals and schedules.

Join the guests for guided rides, taking the best trails around.  Our small groups, six or less, privide for a more personal, high quality ride. You feel far from civilazation and close to nature, as you take in all the magnificent scenery surrounding you.  Horses love it here- they get to be a ‘horse’.  Circles and arenas seem quite boreing in comparison.

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Day Rides

If you are passing through the Ten Sleep area and would like to go for a ride, give us a call.  We offer

two hour up to ‘all day’ rides.  Please call a week ahead for reservations, if possible.  Also remember, you need to have prior riding experience, no beginners.  Riders must be at lest sixteen years of age.