Colt Starting, Horse Training and Endurance Riding

For the first time we will have colts and young young unbroke horses here. This is your chance to become your own ‘horse whisperer’.  We use a gentle-break method, based on Tom Dorrance and Ray  Hunt’s philosophy.  “Make the wrong thing difficult and the right thing easy.”  You can ask your horse to do a difficult thing: but you ask him, you offer it to him in a good way.  You fix it up and let him find it.  You do not make anything happen any more than you make a friendship happen.”-Ray Hunt

Our trainers at Renegade will help you out, beginning with a demonstration.  After the demo, it is your turn to have a  hand.  Our emphasis is safety.  We will be right there to help out.  We start with ground work.  We do a lot of ground work.  We want our horses to be well mannered and respectful, yet not fearful.  Do not expect to be put on a bronc.  But we will welcome the genteling that you will do with our young ones. It is a fascinating thing, to get in touch with these shy, fearful, green horses.  Before you know it, they are following you around like a puppy.

We know you are here to ride and this we will most certainly do.  We work with the colts for half the day, then ride the other half.  We don’t want to ‘burn you out’ with lots of colt work (unless you are so inclined!)

We are able to be flexible with our schedule, some days will be longer than others. If at any time, you wish to opt out on the colts, that is fine.  If you can’t get enough, we will try our best to accommodate that, too.


We also will ride like always- on terrific, scenic trails, with a pace that is anything but boring.


There will also be a chance for two riders to ride in an AERC, American Endurance Ride Conference, sanctioned ride.*

  Limit TWO riders per ride, on a first come first served basis.  Date of ride deposit is the determining factor.  That, and making sure the rider is a good match for the horse.  Belinda has sole decision to qualify or disqualify a rider for the endurance rides. Riders must pay the entry fee to the endurance rides.

Endurance Ride Itinerary:  We must leave for the ride the afternoon before the ride.  Therefore, departure day, we will have a morning ride or colt starting session.  We camp out at the ride site.  Dome style tents are set up.  Pads and sleeping bags are provided for the riders.    The horses stay in an electric corral by the trailer, we sleep nearby!  We will enter the ride and have our horses vetted before supper.  Meals are provided at the ride.

Rides typically start around 7:00AM.  Everyone is expected to take care of their assigned horse. There are 20, 50 and in some instances 100 mile rides.  We will do the 25 or 50 mile ride. In the 25 mile, riders go 15 miles, then there is a mandatory one hour break and vet check.  Then you ride ten miles.  Horses must pass vet checks to continue, including having a pulse rate at 64 BPM before time is called.  In the 50 mile race, riders go 25 miles, then the vet check, hour break, 15 miles, vet check, hour break, then 10 miles.  Horses on the 50 mile ride have an hour to get their pulse to 60BPM at the finish.

After we finish, we will wait an hour minimum, to rest the horses, before transport.  Then we head back to Ten Sleep.

Anyone can ride fast.  Can  you ride fast and save your horse?  Are you up for the challenge?

*Please note that routes or itineraries may vary due to unforeseen events or circumstances.  This may include inclement weather, etc.