Our Horses


We take great pride in our fine horses.  These are not your average ‘dude’ horses.  We have a variety,  of various dispositions and sizes, for different riders.  They include Morgan and Morgan crosses, Arab and Arab crosses, Quarter Horses, and even a Friesan at times.  They are not pampered barn babies. They  are all surefooted  and do their job well.   They have traveled this rugged country all their lives. Often, they will spot a badger hole before  you do, taking it in stride, whether you are trotting or cantering.  Loping through sagebrush and spotting the best trails, are second nature to them.  They are all athletes.  We treat our equines with the respect and care they deserve.

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 Our colts can be anything from yearlings to five year old un broke horses.  They can be in various stages of gentleness.  Some may need to be halter-broke and may need to learn leading and basic handling.  Others need to get used to people around them, being groomed and need to have their fears eased and gain confidence.

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