Survival Checklist

Although the sunny days far outnumber the cloudy days, you may expect it to cool off during storms.  The spring, May and June, can be cool at times.  Storms may bring rain and even snow.  They usually only last an afternoon, but it may cool off 20 degrees or more.  July and August are usually hot.

Please bring the following;

Personal clothing and toiletries:  good socks and riding boots. Comfortable, durable, riding pants.   Some riders wear riding tights underneath their jeans to prevent chapping.  Chaps also help, in that regard.  Jeans should have the ‘small seam’ on the inside of the leg, as the large seam tends to rub sores on your knees, when riding for extended periods.  You may also wish to bring some ‘moleskin’ and athletic tape, in case you do get chapped knees or other areas.

Jacket  –  Make sure it is good in the wind.  Layering works better than one heavy coat.

Wide-brimmed hat     Needed for sun protection.  Hard hats are recommended but not  mandatory.  Please have a strap or “Stampede String”  To keep your hat on in the wind, or when riding fast.

Raincoat  – Please, no cheap plastic ponchos.  They are no good in  the wind.  You have been warned!

Riding Gloves –  Optional

Camp shoes,  Such as athletic shoes.

Insect repellant. – Optional

Sunscreen  – We recommend an SPF of 30 or better.

Lipbalm with sunscreen



Please bring 2 -1 quart or liter bottles.  They will fit better in the horn-bags.  Large, circular canteens are hard to tie on securely enough, so they won’t bounce while trotting and galloping.


Extra warm clothes- long sleeved shirt or sweater, warm socks and gloves, and a hat that covers your ears.